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MyVisas.org is a full service, comprehensive site that offers a wide spectrum of relocation options to Skilled Workers, Skilled Trades Workers, Family Class sponsorships as well as Business persons and entities.

Our firm also offers services in soliciting dual citizenship applications. By becoming a dual citizen in case Canada is not your first choice for immigration or for some reason one does not qualify for Canadian immigration, we will be happy to discuss alternative immigration / residency / citizenship options for your relocation to Europe - United Kingdom, Cyprus, Hungary, Bulgaria, or the beautiful St. Kitts & Nevis or Antigua & Barbuda. By acquiring citizenship of certain commonwealth countries, you may facilitate your entry to Canada, United States and parts of Europe without a visa.

If you are self employed, a skilled worker, a skilled trades person, or a business person, a senior manager in an enterprise and wish to relocate around the world, you are at the right address.

Contact us for further details or email at info@myvisas.org


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